• Vinish Garg

    Vinish Garg

    A guardian of an intent. For the right investments in product teams for 360-Perspective on UX and CX. Co-founder Outcome conference. http://www.vinishgarg.com/

  • Hinesh Patel

    Hinesh Patel

    Ruby and React Developer | Traveler

  • Kris Haamer

    Kris Haamer

    Tech + Story. Programmer/Producer/Director. You? ▒

  • Köse Jozef

    Köse Jozef

  • Radu Milea

    Radu Milea

  • Andrea Rist

    Andrea Rist

    Champion of change, growth, and customers. Lifelong learner. Boundary spanner. Denver denizen. Global citizen.

  • Bill Swallow

    Bill Swallow

    Technical Consultant at Scriptorium. My interests include techcomm, content strategy, localization, taekwondo, craft beer, and homebrewing.

  • David Lance

    David Lance

    Masterful technical writer. Hyper-focused FrameMaker freak. Acrobat aficionado. Video vagabond. InDesign impresario. Much better looking than I am in real life.

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