Proposition 24, Consumer Privacy Laws: No

Here we go again. A rich guy trying to buy a law.

Now understand, our privacy is still at risk, especially our online privacy, even after this proposition’s sponsor got the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) passed in 2018 by the state legislature. According to him, the CCPA did not go far enough. He’s right, but that’s politics.

Since he’s rich, he can buy his way onto the ballot. Even if this proposition was perfect, which it is not, this is not the way the initiative process was designed. This is not the will of the people, but of the 1 percent.

I’m not reading all 52 pages of small print that is the proposition, but I will trust organizations such as the ACLU, the League of Women Voters, and the Consumer Federation of California who say that the devil is buried in the details of those 52 pages, detail that doesn’t really provide toe protections it promises.

Still, even if those issues weren’t all there, let’s send a message to stanch this blatant buying of California politics. Vote No.

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